For a long time, I battled a nagging negativity that I may have left my run too late. A common voice would come to me saying, ‘you should have followed your dreams sooner!’

The if only and the what-ifs, they came calling too.

I don’t think I’m alone.

I speak to many who say ‘ I could have, I should have, I would have, but….I didn’t.’ It’s ok, I know that road too.

However, wisdom also came calling, many times – encouraging me.

‘Be brave’, she said, you can do this. Sometimes I listened and gathered up my sorry self and with grand efforts, I would lung forward in a sapping sprint that had me expecting immediate gratification, only to be exhausted and disappointed.

It’s an awful cycle that can have one believing that you’re never going to fulfil what’s in your heart or worse still, that you’ve just been created for less than you once believed.


Thankfully, I didn’t buy into the lie and those days are now few and far between. My small business is growing and momentum is gathering. Everyday I’m gaining confidence in who I am, far less influenced by those negative voices. I know I have a part to play in the creative space.

It all came about through some intentional effort on my part and a lot of trusting God too. My dream has finally become a reality. I’m definitely not too old and neither are you. (or I might add, too young)


  • Silencing the Inner Critic (Learning to listen to wisdom)
  • Planning (Plan your week, better still plan your days)
  • Focus : One Thing (Not having all your drawers open at once)
  • Slowing Down (I know, that sounds counter productive to building but it’s about doing the right thing, not everything)
  • Working Hard (I know, that sounds contradictory to slowing down – I’ll explain later)
  • Upskilling – Understanding SEO and some basic Techy Stuff
  • Consistency – my new moto is “GROW SLOW-SAY NO”

I’m looking forward to sharing more about these life-changing habits in my up and coming blogs. Subscribe below and I’ll notify you when the next blog is up.

For today, I encourage you to just get started. Take your little seed dream, plant it and watch it grow.

Be brave my friend.

I’d love to hear all about it.

time : a most precious commodity

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Time. How precious it is.

We all want more of it and quite frankly the older I get the more I wonder if I’ve used my time well enough. I’d sincerely encourage any young ones out there to give some thought to how you manage your time. I look back and wonder how much time I’ve let slip through my little fingers?

On a brighter note, someone asked me recently,

‘how do you do all the things that you do?” (that’s a lot of do’s isn’t it?)

Up until then, I hadn’t really given much thought to the fact that I really do-do quite a bit in the time I’ve been given. I work five days, sometimes six days a week at two different day jobs. When I get home from work, I work making products for my ETSY SHOP. Every week I need to find time to I manage our family business accounts (not so good at that but I’m definitely improving). Mid week there’s music rehearsal and come the weekend, I play or lead worship at the church I attend. Whenever I get the chance, I work at home building my COTTAGE DREAMS and endeavour to grow a little creative community, I call WRITE MAKE CREATE. I dream of new creative ventures regularly. On top all that, I still grab snippets of time to write in my book and on my blog but always, I work with purpose and intentionality. It sounds awfully tiring, and sometimes it is.

To be honest, for a time I was darn near worn out, but that simple little comment on my Instagram page triggered something inside my head. Firstly, I realised I was actually making really good progress, albeit slow, but still notable progress. So I patted myself on the back, not in a proud way, but in a gentle – kind – caring way. I said to myself, ‘go you Steph, you’re doing ok.’ It felt kind of good to say that, to encourage myself instead of unintentionally looking for outside affirmation.

It was then I started taking notice of all the little wins I’d been having instead of looking forward with regret, wishing I could do better, longing to arrive at some far off, better destination. In the following weeks, I made a conscious decision to enjoy ‘growing slow’. I removed the unspoken pressure and urgency that social media seemed to be requiring of me and began to settle into the realisation that that ‘slow is ok’. Nothing changed on the exterior, nothing. My schedule remained the same, but something certainly did change on the inside of me.

Immediately, I sensed a shift in mindset. I felt hopeful and happy about where I was at but I couldn’t help notice a slight ill ease settling around one or two of my commitments and with it a sense that 2022 will see the season for those things shift. On the flip side, my creativity was spurred on and business began to gain traction without hardly any effort on my part. I began to feel a delightful sense of peace around all my creating and a knowing that I’m on the right track.

I’ve happily settled into this new rhythm of s l o w l y getting stuff done, knowing the future is looking bright.

So if your struggling with time management and want know to know how to GET STUFF DONE when you’re already run off your feet, drop me a line.

I’d love to help!

Hello Fellow Creator

It’s been some time since I posted. Apologies!

Sometimes I just get caught up creating and run out of ‘write-time’ because I simply used up all my spare time creating other stuff like in the pics below. I do love it so!

It’s then, that I get a little cross with myself.

Why can I not be more balanced like so many of my fellow creators? They seem to be able to pace themselves, following a well mapped out plan that appears to meander along like a gentle stream. From the outside, it looks like their lives epitomise routine and balance, while mine looks more a like rollercoaster roaring along on a zig-zagging track.

Oh I do want to be more like that meandering stream.

I wonder to myself if anyone else gets caught on this roller coaster and needs someone to help them pull the brake?

I’ve learnt that sometimes, it’s just a matter of taking yourself out of your regular routine to find a gentle space to think and ponder. It can be as simple as that. Like the other day when I took myself off to a beautiful little cafe’ to work.

I’m learning more about myself lately.

Learning how to bridle my energy and focus a little better. It really is a challenge.

I must keep faith, try a little harder if I am to succeed in reaching the goals I’ve set for myself.

I remember when I first started business coaching – the suggested reading was a book called ‘The One Thing” by Gary Keller.

Well, I thought to myself ‘nope I haven’t got time to read that – I’m too busy doing the stuff’, so in my self acclaimed wisdom, I surged ahead in way too many directions and now I’m trying to reign it all in, along with myself!

Needless to say, I’ve now brought the book and in my spare time (LOL) I’m reading and fast realising that my choice back then has the dire consequence of wasted time.


Thankfully, I’ve learned to be kinder to myself along the way. I haven’t given up on me. I can already see the benefit of this ‘one thing’.

Even if you can just plan and do one thing each day!


So, don’t give up my friend. You’ve got this – whatever ‘this’ may be for you.