• my little van-life dream

    my little van-life dream

    For some time now I’ve been working towards quitting my day job so I can fulfil my creative passion to write.make.create I know this may seem indulgent, but I do think that we humans are created for a specific purpose and while that may, at times, ebb and flow into different streams, generally those streams…

  • Hello Fellow Creator

    Hello Fellow Creator

    It’s been some time since I posted. Apologies! Sometimes I just get caught up creating and run out of ‘write-time’ because I simply used up all my spare time creating other stuff like in the pics below. I do love it so! It’s then, that I get a little cross with myself. Why can I…

  • Caravan Adventures

    Caravan Adventures

    I forgot to post this little story of our Caravan Adventure some months back We went on adventure, my hubby and I. It was way back in June before every man and his dog headed North. Our Northern Adventure After months of planning and prepping our little house on wheels was finally ready for an…

  • Refresh


    Last week was huge. I found myself arriving at the weekend tired and feeling a little unwell. I spent most of Saturday doing catch up, all the while trying to quiet the little voice inside my head that kept calling to me, telling me “you need to take yourself on an Artist’s Date..” A little…

  • The ‘One Thing’ Dilema

    The ‘One Thing’ Dilema

    It’s Thursday. I have a day off from my ‘ daytime’ job. I slept late, something I rarely do anymore, even if I want to. I’m usually up early with the birds and would like to say that today’s sleep in was good, but I feel groggy, slow and void of motivation. Last night I…

  • One Thing

    One Thing

    Am I just a dreamer? Have you ever asked yourself this question? To be honest I probably ask myself the question on a very regular basis. If you know me at all you’ll know I’m an ideas person and because of this I tend to have too many things on the go, often all at…

  • a whirlwind week

    a whirlwind week

    I’m a working girl and a mad keen creative. If I don’t get to create something in my week, I’m a little out of kilter. (BTW what does that mean anyway? I just had to go and look it up even tho I kinda knew, but to put it correctly it means, ‘not properly adjusted,…

  • Re-Fashion Challenge

    Re-Fashion Challenge

    After another wonderful hit of Margaret River Roasting coffee, I headed off to my local Charity Shop located only a few minutes up the road. I have tried a number of times to visit this one as it’s so close to home, but it was never open, so when I found a lovely lady at…

  • Thrifty Thursday

    Thrifty Thursday

    SO IN A FEW MOMENTS I’M HEADING OUT ON A LITTLE ADVENTURE. I’m off to find someone else’s trash, and turn it into treasure. As you know I’ve been pondering sustainability lately, a little more than usual. I want to up the anti and be more mindful about this. I’m learning how to tread a…

  • Little Things

    Little Things

    It’s the little things that can bring you such joy.

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