What a journey All year I kept thinking this season will soon end and things will get better – we can begin planning for a new season and these days at my piano, singing all these ‘wilderness songs’ will soon end. I’m still singing, still storing up treasure, still finding solace in times alone with … More Hope

Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream Close your eyes and imagine I’ve heard and read that without a dream or ‘a vision’ we’ll perish, some even say that without a ‘vision’ or a dream that’s growing and evolving, a ‘progressive vision’ we just wander aimlessly.’ We could end up anywhere and never achieve anything. When I was young … More Dream a Little Dream

God With Skin On

I wish I had photo of the one who became ‘God with skin on’ that day in Malaysia. I remember his name, his gentle face. I could feel eyes watching me along with all the eyes of so many in the room that day.I stood out like a sore thumb.  The only one with white … More God With Skin On

A Month to Remember

a month to remember This month started out with a long weekend in the city watching our daughter Pania play at the Regional Netball Competitions.  The weekend finished on a high with our team winning the Under 13’s category. Pania played like a champ! Noel joined us on the Tuesday for a visit to the … More A Month to Remember