Letting Go

It seems my life is full of ‘letting go’ moments and I wonder to myself is this the same for others? My head, so full of dreams and in particular, one little dream (my little secret).  Somehow, I find the dreams I have dreamt (and in particular that secret one) seem always to be just … More Letting Go

Well Laid Plans

I’VE HEARD IT SAID THAT “THE WELL LAID PLANS OF MICE AND MEN OFTEN GO AWRY” well today they did! Lets go back to yesterday. I raced home from work in the dark excited that i’d be soon be heading off to meet with some inspiring creatives. I raced in, checked out my youngest’s lasted … More Well Laid Plans

A Christmas Gift

Three and a half years in waiting and the door opens. Not everyone would consider an operation a gift, but for us, it is a long awaited door and the beginning of a new day.  We almost can’t believe it, we’ve waited so long, everything hinging on this day and as Christmas approaches a sigh … More A Christmas Gift

Turning Tides

IT’S BEEN A WHILE, A LONG WHILE WAITING FOR TIDES TO TURN AND IN THE WAITING, I couldn’t write. No words. They wouldn’t come. If they did come, they didn’t warrant pen to paper.   I silently withdrew and silently decided that three years would be enough.  So I planned the celebration, and blew upon … More Turning Tides


Tonight I’m sitting here quietly pondering the events of the past week. Pondering what to write. I want to write something, anything. I have so much to say but I feel restrained. It’s not time yet. But I can say this… Tho it’s been blow after blow, we’re still standing. Tho we’ve had knock after … More Leaning


What a journey All year I kept thinking this season will soon end and things will get better – we can begin planning for a new season and these days at my piano, singing all these ‘wilderness songs’ will soon end. I’m still singing, still storing up treasure, still finding solace in times alone with … More Hope

Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream Close your eyes and imagine I’ve heard and read that without a dream or ‘a vision’ we’ll perish, some even say that without a ‘vision’ or a dream that’s growing and evolving, a ‘progressive vision’ we just wander aimlessly.’ We could end up anywhere and never achieve anything. When I was young … More Dream a Little Dream