A Simple Life

I’ve just discovered this FB page called “No Sidebar”.  A friend tagged me on an article  (see here) entitled  “because I don’t want the things the world wants for me” after she finished reading my blog called torn betwixt my dreams and just being  I realise that there’s a whole world of people out there who just want … More A Simple Life


Do you ever have that overwhelming feeling and you suddenly feel like your drowning? Today when I woke, that feeling washed over me. I felt overwhelmed by the uncertainty of our future, overwhelmed by business commitments, overwhelmed by constant needs of offspring, overwhelmed by pets needing care, overwhelmed by a yard filled with autumn leaves, … More Overwhelmed


Burnout! Not a word I wanted to hear.  A few weeks before Christmas that word loomed loud and clear.  Shouting at me to “Stop” I took the day off knowing that in the evening I was off to The Inspire Collective, http://www.inspirecollective.com.au (check it out -It’s the highlight of my quarterly calendar) but I was dog … More Burnout

Letting Go

It seems my life is full of ‘letting go’ moments and I wonder to myself is this the same for others? My head, so full of dreams and in particular, one little dream (my little secret).  Somehow, I find the dreams I have dreamt (and in particular that secret one) seem always to be just … More Letting Go

Well Laid Plans

I’VE HEARD IT SAID THAT “THE WELL LAID PLANS OF MICE AND MEN OFTEN GO AWRY” well today they did! Lets go back to yesterday. I raced home from work in the dark excited that i’d be soon be heading off to meet with some inspiring creatives. I raced in, checked out my youngest’s lasted … More Well Laid Plans


Tonight I’m sitting here quietly pondering the events of the past week. Pondering what to write. I want to write something, anything. I have so much to say but I feel restrained. It’s not time yet. But I can say this… Tho it’s been blow after blow, we’re still standing. Tho we’ve had knock after … More Leaning