In everyday life I’m passionate about creativity, whatever shape or form. I’m all about inspiring others to find their creative spark and connect to the creator.

Whether it’s song writing, journalling, blogging or book writing, home making or crafting, making spaces look pretty or growing things – as long as I have some creative mission, I’m happy.

I’m a dreamer, a traveller – frugal and thrifty and this has helped me get to places that can seem so far out of reach like when we visited Venice or stayed randomly in the little town of San Marcello Pistoiese.

I’m in love with Italy. I’ve visited 4 times already and dream about living there one day, for a little while at least..

These days, our kids have mostly grown up and made their own way in the world. Of our five gorgeous offspring we now only have our youngest boy Joe with us.

We been travelling here and there and life has become relatively small – that is if you’re thinking about ‘things’, like bricks and mortar. We’re transient gypsies I guess, floating between Australia and New Zealand. Wherever we are – be it a house, a room or a caravan, I make it home, putting my own stamp on it and when it comes to style, I lean toward French Provincial, a little vintage, but I do love modern style too. I love adventure, I guess I’m a bit of a pioneer at heart – perhaps that’s why I love starting new projects. 

Read all about our projects and adventures here on cottage creative ๐Ÿ™‚



6 responses to “about”

  1. Bev Avatar

    What an inspirational woman


  2. cottagedreams Avatar

    Thanks Bev, i hope to be! Let’s hope I can live up to my expectations!


  3. Linda Brown Avatar

    Steph, our journey is never the way we think. His Ways are much different to ours. Thank you for your honesty. Heartfelt hope and prayers for you and Noel.


    1. cottagedreams Avatar

      Thanks Linda, quite a journey but we are much richer for walking this road ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. cateywilliams Avatar

    Thank you Steph. Thank you for inspiring me this morning. I have loved reading your writings throughout today. Love Cate x


    1. cottagedreams Avatar

      Cate, I didn’t expect my email to resonate as much as it did but then again of course it would, it’s what you’ve been created for, to hear people’s heart – really hear. I almost didn’t hit send but felt it was a God thing. I’m so glad I caught a bit of your bravery and so glad we have connected.
      Bless bless bless you lovely lady!


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