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For the past number of weeks I’ve been getting a little reminder from WordPress saying ‘it’s time to blog’. Oh, the Pressure!

I’ve glanced at it and found myself verbalising something like ‘I’m sorry, that’s not going to happen right now’.

Truth be known, I’m a wee bit proud of myself for making that decision. I do recognise I’m in a growing season, however, I also recognise the season doesn’t call for speed.

I’m not so bothered by these pop-up reminders, but in the beginning, I must say I did feel pressured to perform. All the entrepreneurial gurus I see sprouting their wisdom across social media can sometimes make me feel quite the underachiever. However, I’ve realised lately, that I am far from that.

I’ve achieved so much in the last few years. I’m still learning and slowly growing, increasing an online presence, and working towards a defined future for me and mine.

‘Slow Growth’ from a place of rest is all that’s needed. Pressing pause on some of the building blocks is ok – I realise now, in the long scheme of things it doesn’t matter, despite what opinion may say.

I know in my heart I’m doing well, building a little future in CottageDreams. Should I not succeed in some areas, I shall not be terribly disappointed because I’ve had so much fun along the way and I’ve learned OH SO MUCH!!

Some of what I’ve been making lately.

But, getting back to these little reminders. Even though they are there to help, just like a ‘To Do List’, they can potentially cause pressure, I remembered the words I heard someone say recently…


I pondered my ‘TO DO LIST’ and decided I really do need to be more kind to myself.

It got me thinking about all the pressure we put on ourselves. All the to-do lists we diligently write for ourselves and need to complete. All the engagements we book for ourselves to attend and sometimes all the time we allot to serving someone else’s dreams or desires.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t serve another, or not have TO DO LISTS (TDL’s), nor am I advocating selfishness. (That’s another story)

I’m a huge fan of the TDL but what I do see is how so many of us are tied to our lists. We’re simply too busy fulfilling our lists to stop and enjoy the simple moments that come our way. Sometimes we even wear our busyness like a badge of honour! I know I’ve done it before.

Maybe, just maybe, those who take control of their calendars and those who manage to prioritise their TO DO LIST deserve the badge of honour!


How do I do that?

Simple: we just need to understand our season and be decisive accordingly.


Create a list with the most important things above the line and the things that don’t really require urgent attention, below the line. The hardest thing is deciding.

It’s all about priorities and if we could just remember that with priorities also come seasons. What are your priorities right now, in this moment of time?

Maybe you could ask yourself these questions.

1. What is your priority for your family in this season? It may be to spend time with one that’s struggling more than others so it’s ok to put others’ needs on the back burner for a bit. You can’t meet everyone’s needs.

2. What is your priority In the workplace right now? I’m pulling back from my outside job right now to officially start working in our family business and support my sweet man. In this season I’m choosing NOT TO drop and run to other workplaces as readily as I have done in the last season. I have to say no more often even if the need may seem great because, right now, the need to build our family business is a priority.

3. What’s your priority in your relationships right now? If you’re in the early stages of a relationship then right now it will need you to allocate more time to growing that relationship than say, spending time with your sister or parents. Maybe your marriage is a bit shaky right now, so you’ll need to pull back from other things to build into that. Is this making sense?

And lastly,

4. What’s your priority in the area of your dreams and personal goals? Perhaps it’s time for you to develop your dream or business or publish that book, so right now you’ll need to spend a lot of time working on those things – your family, friends and loved ones will understand. It’s important to build into that. It may well be that all you can do in this season is simply feed them and get the laundry. Putting your goal above the line and saying ‘no’ to others might be how you could be kind to yourself right now. It’s not going to be forever but realise it’s ok to meet a deadline for your goal in this season is ok.

I’ve decided blogging isn’t as important for the season I find myself in. It feels right to be kind to myself and release myself from the pressure that these little blog reminders bring me. I can intentionally ignore them and feel no guilt. I’ll still blog, but in this season, it won’t be so often.

So, my friend, I encourage you to recognise the season you are in right now and make room for it before it passes you by.

Exploring A New Season

Love ❤️





2 responses to “time to blog”

  1. Heather Baker Avatar
    Heather Baker

    Such wise words and so true 💕


    1. cottagedreams creative Avatar

      😊 reminding myself


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