the influencer:


Did you hear, Time has released its 2021 list of the most influential people in the world. Not that I’m a follower of any of the top 100 but news is, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are on the list.

A few days ago after enduring copious programs running the story, my sweet hubby looked at me and stated, ‘you know, you ought to be on that list luv,’ we laughed together. We often do about things like this.

So has it, we’d been having conversations about the whole ‘Influencer’ thing of late, weighing how our lives have changed and questioning our influence in the world. Harry and Meghan sparked some more conversation. We reminisced about our season in the South and how in 2012 our very public lives changed, our necessary move back to the city and how we have faded into anonymity. It’s all good, life is filled with good and bad and changing seasons. We haven’t half minded these quiet years.

Anyhoo, I’ve been watching young influencers, entrepreneurs vying for attention and their spot in the lime light. The never ending quest to gain a following must be exhausting. While I don’t think Meghan and Harry had to work to hard, others do. I marvel at the communities many young influencers are building and while I myself work toward building a successful business and community, I wonder about this new way of life we’ve entered into.

No doubt, being an influencer is a wonderful achievement and honourable, but I must admit, I do marvel at the age of some of these sweeties and the depth of their acclaimed wisdom, which has arrived at such a young age.

Hubby watches on as I work tirelessly:- writing, making, building and we chuckle together. He constantly joke’s with me about the entrepreneurial skills I may, or may not be acquiring.

“Darl, your an influencer!”

He says this in the same tone as Daryl from the iconic movie, The Castle, when he said to Sal after tasting her home cooked dinner, ‘darl, you ought open a shop.’

We laugh again. Kindred spirits.


‘Darl, you’re an influencer’ he says, and I answer him just like Sal.

“Awe thanks Darl. The world doesn’t know it yet!” and we laugh some more.

However, jokes aside. I been thinking about this for quite some time and while I do feel I have a little influence in my small world, I remind myself again and again to be more concerned about who influences me.

It’s good remind ourselves to be less concerned with WHO IS FOLLOWING US and rather, be concerned about WHO WE FOLLOW.

A weekly self check on who or what is influencing me right now is a good thing.

‘Whatsoever things are true

Whatsoever things are honest

Whatsoever things are of a good report

If there be any virtue, if praise

Think on these things.’

(From the Bible)

I need reminding and those words are a good measuring rod. One easy ‘click’ and I’m down a track, mindlessly following someone more who seems, on the exterior, more successful than myself. I remind myself to look deeper, I want to make sure the ones I follow have core values that match what makes me tick. I think it’s vey important. I follow some wonderful influencers and while they might not be exactly like me, often they’re quite the different, but what’s in their heart resonates with me most.

‘Out of the heart the mouth speaks…’

I find that their gentleness, kindness and pure goodness inspires me no end but I guess the real question is,


For me it’s just gotta be my Jesus. (oh my goodness, listen to this song, it’s so good) I want the things that make Him tick influence me the most. I want to stay true to Him in all my followings, honouring Him in all my making, creating and sharing. I don’t want to get side tracked follow things that don’t matter.

I hope I can inspire you along the way to do the same.






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