Caravan Adventures

I forgot to post this little story of our Caravan Adventure some months back

We went on adventure, my hubby and I. It was way back in June before every man and his dog headed North.

Our Northern Adventure

After months of planning and prepping our little house on wheels was finally ready for an adventure. More than a month on the road had me excited. I must admit however, old demons always try to find a place in my heart. I was a just little bit apprehensive remembering that last time we’d holidayed for a month .Things hadn’t ended well but really it was time to throw that old thinking out and get ready for the adventure.

She’s a little beauty, our Cottage Caravan. Here’s hubby just after completing the final face lift in our little van. We pulled out the old ugly table, painted wall and made new curtains and cushions. I liked the olivey green covers on the couches, so we left them as is. I thought the little Banksia curtains matched quite beautifully.

Big sister, Deborah Anne, and her hubby Garth travelled over 2000 k’s to join our convey, lucky to make the escape from the Victorian border before yet another COVID locked down. My brother Bill, our ring leader, had us all primed for adventure. Sadly we had to leave his travel companion behind after an unexpected interruption, but we had her blessing.

What an amazing feeling it is to be on the road! I just love it. Any type of travel will do me – planes, trains, automobiles, you name it and I’ll be there. Our caravan loaded with everything needed for an off grid adventure. A thankful prayer in the morning as the rising sun shone gently trough our window and we were off to meet the convoy and make our way out of the city.

Our first stopover – Coronation Beach is just passed Geraldton and oh what a sunset we beheld.

Coronation Beach is a wonderful little spot to camp up for a night or two, maybe three.

Author: cottagedreams creative

I'd describe myself as an eclectic creative. I dabble in all sorts of creative ventures and have started learning more about living and eco focussed life. I dream of a little cottage in the country where I can create, have chickens, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. I love new adventures and travel whenever possible, mostly with my man. I love music and have written songs for years. I sing them now and then to myself and others. I love writing, journals always and the memoir I'm working on. Most importantly I want to love my family well and live a faith focussed life, sharing stories of hope with whoever may need encouragement. That's me I guess.

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