The ‘One Thing’ Dilema

It’s Thursday. I have a day off from my ‘day time’ job. I slept late, something I rarely do anymore, even if I want to. I’m usually up early with the birds and would like to say that today’s sleep in was good, but I feel groggy, slow and void of motivation.

Last night I went straight from work to Band practise. Perhaps that’s why I’m tired. This use to be my one thing, the thing that I loved doing most of all. In the past I’ve written so many songs, led worship more times than I could count and in the early days sang in the very quirky band called ‘Rockin’ Rabbi’s’ note: this vid is from after I’d left to have baby number two and later, started a band called ‘Sweet Chariots’ where I strummed my trusty old guitar and sang the blues with my sister and a friend. My brother recently found some old footage which needs work but here’s just a snippet of our big hair crazy days!

These were ‘star days’ when we got to perform for crowds in a diverse range of places. From City Markets or Youth Events to Club Genesis, (which started in the Leederville Tafe, then moved all over the town) to even supporting Chris Falson at the Belvior Amphitheatre, it was the 80’s, need I say more – we had good times. But I’m no skilled musician and often get frustrated at my lack of technical ability – playing to a click track drives me batty and reading music is frankly, quite out of my league, tho I pretend at times! Everything I do comes from heart and flows from somewhere within. So, despite what I consider a ‘lack of skill’, this was my chief joy. I guess it my first ‘One Thing’, and in some ways my ‘first love’ (needless to say, this is, apart from Jesus – though actually it’s all very central to Him, all so connected.

Then, as years went on and even tho I’d had quite a hoot of a life, the wheels fell off this old cart and I began, quite inadvertently, to write. I’d always written journals, always – but never had it entered my mind to write a book. In some ways, songs were my book!

This new book writing just happened. A pretty hectic childhood and an enemy called ‘disappointment’ led me down a path where I found myself void of joy. I needed help and when finally it came (in the form of ‘God with Skin On’ ) I could hardly speak about it, so I wrote. There-in began healing, my writing journey and a sense that I had to tell this story.

This became my ‘One Thing’ and almost superseded song writing by the piano. As I said in my last post, life goes on, we start new ventures and things Morph. The things we use to do, we don’t do them so much any more and I wonder now, if I let my first love go, when it should have abode, side by side with my new love – a marriage made in heaven?

Less song writing and more book writing. This was my new mission and even though I felt the importance of the new journey, I still let other things get in the way and slowly both took a back seat.

Why do I do this? Am I the only one?

Stay tuned for the unfolding story……

One Thing

Am I just a dreamer?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

To be honest I probably ask myself the question on a very regular basis. If you know me at all you’ll know I’m an ideas person and because of this I tend to have too many things on the go, often all at once, Lately I’ve been assessing how I am really going. Am I really making any progress?

I’ve found that as one begins to make progress toward goals, toward dreams, things can often change. This past year of juggling working both in and out of my home, I’ve watched my dreams morph. I’m doing things I hadn’t even thought of a year ago and even though everything I put my hand to is still connected, I ask myself the question “am I staying the course?”

I do love the unexpected journey and yet I still need to take stock.

Yes, it’s true, I can be a little like ‘Ricochet Rabbit”

So if you add R.R. together with the pace of our modern lives, one can only imagine the numerous projects I can dream up and indeed, start! Did I mention the book? Still unfinished. How ironic, today I spent the first hour of my day completing the edit of a friends book. We both began our books in Italy just two years back. Mine still remains unfinished and yet I’ve managed to find time to start so many other things! It says it all.

One Thing: Just One Thing – if only!

I’m sure I’m not the only person like this. I’ve noticed more and more that people are changing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but unless one chooses to be intentional, chooses to make changes to the pace of life, one may fail to enjoy the small, simple things. Beautiful things that could make our lives so much more meaningful. Be it the reading of inspiring words or taking time to just sit and ponder. Enjoying a slow walk to find beauty in your street: majestic trees, awe inspiring flowers or maybe taking time to stop and talk to a neighbour instead of a cordial ‘hello’. Perhaps you’ve become too busy to make extra time for family and friends. I’m at fault here, often wanting to speed up a visit in hope that I can fit more into my day.

Even as I write this blog I know that many will struggle to read on this far and that’s ok. I write for my self as much as for others.


Should you like to read on I will finish this later, after I’ve taken my own advice and taken time to savour the warm afternoon sun. I’ll come back and share with you my experience over the past year, my morphing dreams and my unexpected journeys and the importance of one thing!

Be sure to fill out below so you wont’ miss the next chapter. For now, I’m off to take time to be still, to contemplate.