Little Things

I’ve just made myself a coffee, thankful that I own my own coffee machine and don’t have to run up the road to my local cafe every time I need a caffeine hit, although I do love to do that quite regularly…Raktacino is my local and although it sounds Italian, it’s owned by a lovely Nepalese family. I love that I often see people sitting outdoors in the late afternoon for Aperitvo. Of an evening you can even take your own wine and enjoy a wood fired pizza. Not quite Italy but definitely worth a visit.

It’s these little things that bring me joy, I’m happy I’ve finally learnt this. I can remember years long gone when I couldn’t afford to buy, my then weekly treat, a simple ‘cappucino’ let alone walk up the road for a regular Saturday morning breakfast. I’m constantly reminding myself just how blessed we are.

Those years were hard years ,one’s we sooner forget, but without them I’d never realise the pure joy of just being able to make myself another coffee from my own shiny coffee machine. One with a creamy foam on top. How we’ve all come to love and enjoy these everyday treats, often more than once a day!

Some days, when I need to clear my head I take my coffee and walk outside to look at my garden. My garden is small, simple. I certainly don’t have a particularly green thumb or the kind of garden people admire as they walk by, but it’s mine and when I look at the little treasures I’ve lovingly cultivated and nurtured, I smile to myself finding pure joy to breath in their delights and gaze upon such sweet beauty. It’s the little things!

Like yesterday when I’d been busy creating, my head was getting fuzzy so I walked out to my front garden and sat on the letter box.


As I sat listening to the bird song, looking at the array of colours in my spring nasturtium patch, I felt it.


I heard it.


Inhale, Exhale, Inhale,


The fuzziness left and I was ready to start again.

Remember to be grateful for the little things.

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