Re-Fashion Challenge

After another wonderful hit of Margaret River Roasting coffee, I headed off to my local Charity Shop located only a few minutes up the road. I have tried a number of times to visit this one as it’s so close to home, but it was never open, so when I found a lovely lady at the door to greet me, I was super stoked!

In under an hour I scrummaged though all they had to offer and found some real treasures. Not just clothing!




There were a lot of options but in the end I chose the little mustard, patterned frock. I do like the word “FROCK’ it doesn’t get used that much any more but it is a lovely descriptive word…. “frock”

The arms of this dress are way too long for me, they are triangular, the kind that drop in the sink when you’re doing the dishes , so they will have to go!

Other than that, I think it may not need any other adjusting. I’ll keep you informed on my progress.

The Colorado Bag was a real score, it’s in great condition but I’ll polish it up with some lavender wax which in turn, will nourish the leather and those leather boots are so so good! Nothing to do except enjoy them.

So my friends, I hope you will join in the fun and journey with me to be more mindful about sustainable living and remember if you haven’t signed up for the challenge you can fill in the contact form below and I’ll keep you posted.

Most importantly I’d love you to post your finds on Write_Make_Create

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Thrifty Thursday


I’m off to find someone else’s trash, and turn it into treasure.

As you know I’ve been pondering sustainability lately, a little more than usual. I want to up the anti and be more mindful about this. I’m learning how to tread a little more gently on our earth.

You know, if we could all do just a little bit more to reduce our waste it would equate to quite a lot.

This week I’ve been thinking about putting a little challenge out to you, in fact maybe a few challenges, but for now, I’d love you to join me for November’s challenge.

It’s quite simple really, so there’s no need for commitment phobia (tho I do understand as I know I sometimes get this) I promise it’s no biggy and you will enjoy the challenge. You can choose to jump on in full speed or just do one simple challenge and feel good that your one simple choice will make a difference.


So what does that mean, you ask?

Well, it just means find something second hand or you could even take something you have already, instead of buying something new (by new, I mean second hand but ‘new to you’). It may well be just the fabric that you like – you don’t have to like the style or then again, it may be the style you like but the garment is too big or small.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

Whatever the case, grab and change it. Re-purpose it then wear it or to use in your home. For instance, you might buy a few outfits and make them into a table cloth or a coach cover or a curtain. Anything is possible as long as you re-use it.

I’d love to hear from you and love you to join me on the journey.

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Stay tuned – I’ll pop back in to show you my finds later and you can follow along at Write_Make_Create xx

Little Things

It’s the little things that can bring you such joy.

I’ve just made myself a coffee, thankful that I own my own coffee machine and don’t have to run up the road to my local cafe every time I need a caffeine hit, although I do love to do that quite regularly…Raktacino is my local and although it sounds Italian, it’s owned by a lovely Nepalese family. I love that I often see people sitting outdoors in the late afternoon for Aperitvo. Of an evening you can even take your own wine and enjoy a wood fired pizza. Not quite Italy but definitely worth a visit.

It’s these little things that bring me joy, I’m happy I’ve finally learnt this. I can remember years long gone when I couldn’t afford to buy, my then weekly treat, a simple ‘cappucino’ let alone walk up the road for a regular Saturday morning breakfast. I’m constantly reminding myself just how blessed we are.

Those years were hard years ,one’s we sooner forget, but without them I’d never realise the pure joy of just being able to make myself another coffee from my own shiny coffee machine. One with a creamy foam on top. How we’ve all come to love and enjoy these everyday treats, often more than once a day!

Some days, when I need to clear my head I take my coffee and walk outside to look at my garden. My garden is small, simple. I certainly don’t have a particularly green thumb or the kind of garden people admire as they walk by, but it’s mine and when I look at the little treasures I’ve lovingly cultivated and nurtured, I smile to myself finding pure joy to breath in their delights and gaze upon such sweet beauty. It’s the little things!

Like yesterday when I’d been busy creating, my head was getting fuzzy so I walked out to my front garden and sat on the letter box.


As I sat listening to the bird song, looking at the array of colours in my spring nasturtium patch, I felt it.


I heard it.


Inhale, Exhale, Inhale,


The fuzziness left and I was ready to start again.

Remember to be grateful for the little things.