River Way

Today I walked down by the River. It was almost dusk. The water was still, and so was the air. I stood for a moment watching the faint ripple as a gentle wind touched the surface. It felt good to be out of the house and away from all the things that continue to beckon me, come.


I’d worked most of the day. Finally the weekend had come and now my real work could begin, but first, I needed to walk, just a quick walk to clear my head. Down the hill and toward the river that sits peacefully at the bottom of my street. This time I decided to turn left, walking along the side street, River Way, I like this quiet, more elevated laneway. It still affords me an odd glimpse of the river while I walk. I like peeking into the glamorous back entries of these rather palatial homes. They sit high above the river bank and below them they look on to the homes that line the riverfront street below.

I walk. Sometimes I imagine what kind of lives they live. Are these people that far removed from me and the humble life I live. Who knows?

These River Way homes sit haute. They overlook other mansions that sit at their feet. The breathtaking vista of the River below is their everyday view. I wonder if they tire of it, I know I wouldn’t. I imagine families sitting at their tables looking out of the grand windows. The sun is downing over the River, and beyond the river lights begin to flicker in the distant hills that surround our city. This is a painting made for them and everyday the colour changes, just a little. I sigh to myself and think how I would never tire of such a view.

I look down at my feet and notice the marble on a particular drive way and think to myself how much better it is than brick paving and then I see a door that resembles an entry to a Balinese resort. Lovely.

I must say, these grand ‘back’ entries are more glamorous than my entire humble home. Actually, the home I reside in is not even ‘my’ home, but I like living here, surrounded by this earthly glory and I remember the saying ‘location, location, location’. I remind myself how blessed I am to live here.

To be honest, I think I like the status of saying ‘I live in Salter Point’. Is that shallow? Probably. Sometimes I just let people imagine I am ‘well to do’, like my neighbours, but i’m not. I’m just a humble woman trying to make her way in the world. Trying to make life a little easier for my not so well lover. I’m working hard these days to build a business – not just write.make.create but I have another little venture I’m investing in too. Always working, always dreaming. Who knows, one day maybe I will ‘strike it rich’ and buy myself one of the lovely homes I see whilst on my walk.

But for now, I’m happy in my little humble home. It’s more than enough. I’m happy just dreaming.


What motivates you?

I’ve been creating quite a bit lately but in the past couple of weeks I noticed my motivation waning, just a little,

so I asked myself why?

Sometimes it’s just weariness that takes over but even then I’m not one to plonk myself in front of the TV for too long. I confess – I’m not a Netflix binger like my other half. I find it such a waste of time when I have so many ideas bubbling in this head of mine. Tho, I’m not averse to it now and then and I do watch the odd flick while I’m creating. The trouble is, I always have some creative mission on the go so I’m never still for long. Yes, I know, I need to remind myself that the rhythm of work and rest is needful, but sometimes, for me, resting is making.

Whether it’s making (journal creating or sewing) connecting with peeps onĀ  “Write.Make.Create or working on our latest business venture “Eco n Me”, whatever the case, I’m busy – not the ‘woe is me’ kind of busy – but busy in a good way.

Anyway, I said all that to say this

creatively speaking

I just got a bit ‘bla’ !

So after I asked myself ‘why’, I quickly realised it was simply because I hadn’t been feeding my creative self. I’d been madly creating and not putting any fuel back in. It was a simple fix!

I simply fueled up!

  • I went searching for some bits n bobs I needed for my journals and happened to see the sweetest mag, so bought that instead and read it from cover to cover. 97214A43-348B-4480-8061-4A64BE99CD41_1_201_a
  • I watched my fave peeps on youtube doing what they love – making journals, making soap – making anything!
  • I listened to a couple of podcasts on the way to work (my business coach, Anna Runyan is the sweetest honest girl – she makes me smile)
  • I picked up my guitar, jumped on my piano (well not literally), and made myself learn some new songs – Defender by Rita Springer and Refiner by Maverick and oh so wonderful, Champion by Dante Bowe. DEFINITELY FOOD FOR THE SOUL I was craving for.

and that was that – all fired up again

So my friends, if you’re flagging, lacking luster, just find what you need to fuel up. Before you know it you’ll be doing what you love more productively!