This country is not short of beautiful places to visit. Around every corner, there’s a new experience waiting to be had. A hidden hot pool, a mountain to climb, a river mouth to explore, another little country town or a cafe randomly situated in the middle of nowhere.

The other day we took another beautiful drive following the road we’ve driven for the past few weeks. Early mornings and we’ve wanted to stop to watch the sunrise but, being on our way to work, didn’t afford such a treat. It was the weekend and we went with intention, not to snap the sunrise, we’d slept too late for that, but on our trips to Taupo, we’d spotted a cafe that we’d wanted to visit. So, as the fog began to lift, we set off for this little patch of quirky beauty.

‘The Art deco Cafe’ in the Eskdale Valley isn’t too far out of Napier and well worth a visit.

You may be wondering why pics of animals!! Well not only does it have AMAZING food, but it also has its own little farmlet. That’s the beauty of this place. The setting, at the base of the mountains,’ affords its own serenity and all the sweet little creatures wandering around do your soul good.

The decor is perhaps a little kitsch, but I guess that goes with the art deco era and I must admit I quite like it and love that the Chef, come owner, wore a crisp white uniform accompanied by REDBAND GUMBOOTS and can often be found wandering through the crowded tables with his slightly-rounded belly, checking that everyone is content and happy with their orders. It’s salt of the earth service here and it’s had us coming back for more.


We visited again recently with our Australian friends and had a lovely time around the same table we’ve sat on all our visits.

We’d taken them on a Tiki Tour. (Our term for NZ sightseeing) After a few hours Tiki Touring, we needed to refuel and decided to bypass our regular stop Six Sisters, in Napier and headed straight for the hills. Just on a side note, apparently, Six Sisters has accommodation too. You’ll find them on Airbnb. It’s a great place situated on the Marine Parade, in Napier. You can gaze out over the azure blue ocean while sipping great coffee!

But back to the Esk Valley and the Art Deco Cafe.

If you ever in the Hawke’s Bay region in New Zealand and crossing over the ranges between Napier and Taupo (said ‘Toe Paw’) be sure to stop in at The Art Deco Valley Cafe for a bite. It’ll be well worth it and don’t forget you’ll find great coffee at Six Sisters with a blue view!









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