Seasons Change

Today I’m lying on my bed when I’d much rather be out in the beautiful Spring sunshine soaking up it’s warmth, admiring it’s beauty or maybe pottering in the spring garden but sadly my body is unwell and demanding rest.

The up side is I’ve time to ponder, so ponder I do. It’s finally apparent that the season has changed and there’s no doubting ‘spring is here’. I can hear the birds singing alongside the hum of neighbours chattering on their decks nearby.

Little buds and occasional flowers have suddenly appeared on stark branches displaying a beautiful contrast and the miracle of new life.

The thing is, just weeks ago one would have thought those branches were dead and nothing good would come of them but we knew to wait, not touch the old lifeless limbs and suddenly beauty has sprung forth all in its own sweet time.

So my pondering takes me to us, maybe to you, to the seasons we can go through.

In all honesty I think most of us are uncomfortable with the ugly, deathly, dormant stages of our lives and perhaps even with the lives of those close to us. We want movement. We want change and resist the waiting, thinking this place is too ugly, not good enough and worry that good things are passing us by.

Not willing to just let seasons come and go, we tend to get in the way of ‘process’. The very process thats fashioned, yes fashioned, to bring about something more beautiful than if we’d forced the change.

Let’s not, in our eagerness to speed things up, create unnecessary ‘around the mountain’ experiences.

Today, as you go about your life, I hope you can find some joy in the place you find your self in, even if it seems like you’ve been there been forever. Something is happening within your seemingly dead branch. Know that this lifeless place is written in the DNA of the original plan and the road you walk is leading you to a better and brighter you.






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