The Cottage Dream

It’s funny how when I started this blog I had thought it would be about all things cottage or at least about the building of my little cottage dream.  It’s almost been anything but that. In fact it’s turned out to be more a story of journey and not a journey I would have chosen. Life took a different turn and didn’t unfold quite how we had planned.  It’s not easy to live one’s life out loud when it’s far from perfect, a little broken but I think my journey is richer for sharing it with you.

IMG_7719Recently I was laying awake, again, when a thought came to me, “I’m ok with this ‘broken’.  I’m really just a broken girl who constantly finds grace and unconditional love in God (oh and not to forget a good man too). It doesn’t get better than that and I don’t want take it for granted. When I see so many suffering long with out God, I’m undone. I can’t even imagine doing life without Him.

I remember years ago when we were in a challenging situation we felt God say to us “Just stay in the boat, you don’t need to do anything, just stay put, keep doing what your doing until you get to the other side”.  I’m reminded of that today when I look at that sunset over the water.  I’m so desperate to arrive, to do something to get out of this season but sometimes we just need to stay put, let it take it’s course, stay in the boat – he’ll get us there in due time.

IMG_7730So what do I do with this blog?  It’s become, I hope, more of an “Inspirational” blog.  I’ve been wondering whether I should actually change the name or transport it to another site or perhaps just leave it how it is?  The jury is out on that one!

Meanwhile, for those of you who check in now and then, thanks for taking time to stop by and hopefully my words in the past have been an encouragement to you. So sorry there hasn’t been more cottage stories.

And just in case you’ve been wondering I’ll share a few random pics of my little cottage here in Guildford.

2017-05-03 14.26.54

The Back Deck and Upstairs Landing and some beautiful dead flowers on that little table!IMG_7065

The Roses are all pruned now but this is what it looks like in Summer!IMG_6874

The Vege Patch – the soil is so productive that I can’t keep up with it! The Baby Eggplant, Chillies and Capsicum  have been growing for almost a year!2017-05-03 14.24.25

IMG_8155Life has been pretty busy lately and I really miss not having time to write but I’ll do my best to actually take you through a more detailed journey over the next few months of what I get up to around this lovely space out here in the Swan Valley Region. Until then, Buongiorno!






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