A Winters Journey

So it began, a journey into the unexpected and into the unknown. One never asks for trouble but in some ways, this journey has been an incredible one – a bitter sweet one!  Bitter as we count the loss and let go of what once was but sweet as we find a new rhythm together and  journey into a future full of unknowns.

Waiting to fly home...
Waiting to fly home…

Today I heard a wonderful quote….

“The measure of success is how we cope with disappointment”

I hope and pray that as our journey unfolds, our lives will be deemed successful when measured by the above …..and  that we can continue to chose to embrace each day with faith, expectation but mostly an attitude of thankfulness!


The day we left Malaysia I was worried.  We had priority access to board the plane but when we got to the landing,  encountered great difficulty and realised that although he could walk a little he couldn’t walk upstairs. We held up the whole boarding process while we hoisted him slowly up each stair. His legs just wouldn’t work and his arms and hands were still not functioning properly. I’m so proud of him. He’s worked so hard to gain strength and control back.

Thanks to big brother Isaac (below) who saved the day by flying over, caring for the kids and helping us get home safely!


Better days ahead.


Day by day he’s getting better but unfortunately still remains hindered by the outcome of that awful day! I’m thankful that although he can’t surf or manage water with waves, among other things,  he is now able to walk everyday and enjoy his daily routine of praying while he does. Most days he can walk for an hour which is such a blessing to him.

We continue to pray for  that miracle that will see health fully restored and trust this season has all been for a reason….it seems that God has used it to get our attention and by doing so change our direction. I wonder and perhaps even question why it had to take something like this? But I’m also reminded that “He is the Potter and we are the clay” and it’s not for us to ask “why have you made me this way?”.  When it is all said and done, this life is just a portion of an eternal life with an Almighty God who works ALL things together for good and has a wonderful plan for our lives.



Here we are on a more successful holiday in days gone by. I picked this photo because I just love the boat behind us. It says it all! I think we’re about to make a “history tour” as we take this “God” journey to a new life in a new city and although we grieve as we let go of this wonderful town and church here in Busselton, the excitement is beginning to build each day as we look ahead to what God is about to bring our way.

We are ready…..let the adventure begin!