• when you lose you mojo

    when you lose you mojo

    Lately, I’ve been wondering why I can’t seem to write. What is it that’s holding me back? I look at all my writer friends immersing themselves in their craft, their mojo well in tack and think maybe it’s because I’m not a ‘real’ writer. That could be it. I think I’m ok with saying that.…

  • new year resolutions

    new year resolutions

    I apologise, it’s been way too long. I’ve missed my musings but 2022 was full. Full of so many enjoyable things, some challenges but mostly really good stuff. I’m grateful for it all. January has been full too but not frantic, just full. Regardless, I’m easing into this new year. There are no new year…

  • winter blues

    winter blues

    His Eye is on the Sparrow – A Reminder

  • it’s not too late

    it’s not too late

    For a long time, I battled a nagging negativity that I may have left my run too late. A common voice would come to me saying, ‘you should have followed your dreams sooner!’ The if only and the what-ifs, they came calling too. I don’t think I’m alone. I speak to many who say ‘…

  • time to blog

    time to blog

    For the past number of weeks I’ve been getting a little reminder from WordPress saying ‘it’s time to blog’. Oh, the Pressure! I’ve glanced at it and found myself verbalising something like ‘I’m sorry, that’s not going to happen right now’. Truth be known, I’m a wee bit proud of myself for making that decision.…

  • holiday journalling

    holiday journalling

    Why not purchase one of our holiday journals for yourself or a friend to record their Christmas holiday memories! These hand made holdiday journals are made to inspire your creativity and bring joy. Each page is handcrafted beautifully to allow lots of room for you to record your special memories. What a beautiful keepsake this…

  • not too old yet

    not too old yet

    No matter how old you are, if you have a little dream still burning in that heart of yours, then your not to old. I don’t think I’m the only one It wasn’t long ago that I started dreaming of Van Life, wondering if I could give it a go. I started planning, decking my…

  • changes


    I’ve made some changes to the appearance of my website and I’d really love your feedback if you can spare a few minutes! Have a quick look around – can you find your way around easily enough or did you prefer the previous layout where blogs titles were on one page with a corresponding picture?…

  • time : a most precious commodity

    time : a most precious commodity

    So I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Time. How precious it is. We all want more of it and quite frankly the older I get the more I wonder if I’ve used my time well enough. I’d sincerely encourage any young ones out there to give some thought to how you manage your…

  • the influencer:

    the influencer:

    Blog Did you hear, Time has released its 2021 list of the most influential people in the world. Not that I’m a follower of any of the top 100 but news is, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are on the list. A few days ago after enduring copious programs running the story, my sweet hubby looked at me…

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